The Electronic Torture, Gangstalking and Harassment Continues


The “gang” doesn’t like the fact that I Am exposing their illegal, treacherous and downright murderous acts. I just finished my first meal of the day a few minutes ago. While I was eating, they aimed their ‘electronic torture’ device at my heart area. They are also using them on me now during and after my meal to cause, indigestion, stomach upset, and digestive problems. They are slowly trying to kill me for my courage in standing up for my people, my race and against injustice.

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Mind you, my brainwashed, spiritually corrupted neighbors are involved too so the “zaps” could be coming from them or law enforcement vehicles roaming the area with equipment that is created to hit targets from a distance as well as military planes and helicopters overhead and satellites. These monsters are experts at warfare and are years ahead of the public with this knowledge, especially the oppressed black race.

They are aiming it at my feet and legs now causing tingling and itching sensations and yesterday they had it aimed at my back causing discomfort and moderate pain. They moved it back to my chest area causing pressure now. I am reporting this because I want the public to know what kind of country we REALLY live in. Amerikkka is operated by terrorists corporations that rule the government, military, and law enforcement in this country.

The secret societies such as the boule, black Freemasons and freemasonry in general, secret cults, all of them into the occult, sorcery and witchcraft are protecting these wicked entities and they also are incorporating the help of released prisoners and other criminals who they bribe and offer favors to, to participate in the gangstalking activities and to protect these murderous people at the top; the elitist who run the corporations who employ the government, law enforcement and military to shut people like myself down.


Let me reveal this: the black Freemasons wanted me to be “down with the crew” but I was warned of their deceptions and they were revealed to me for what they were up to and who they truly are, so I refused them. They disguise themselves with other names, pretending to be leaders and organizations created to help and advance the black communities and race but behind the masks they are black masons and government agents used to direct innocent, naive black people back into the vice grips of white domination and capitalism on this prison planet. I’ve been having problems ever since I refused to join them. Problems that have increased over the years. I just heard someone stomping around upstairs responding to my blogging about these atrocities. They are spying on me and was put upstairs to watch me and terrorize me. They just moved one of the heavier devices around that they push around as I move from room to room as a way of letting me know they are watching me and it is also a bullying tactic.

My spiritually aware or just normal black inhabitants that are just trying to live a normal life in an abnormal world. BE CAREFUL OUT HERE!! All black people aren’t soul people. Some of them are soullesss black krakkkazzz who will KILL YOU with NO QUALMS OR CONCERN. THEY LOVE OUR ENEMIES AND THE MATERIAL GAINS AND FALSE PROMISES OF THE DEVILZZZ and some of them are just cowards and or lazy and too afraid and fearful to say or do anything about the situation.

I guess the puppets upstairs were directed to aim the ET (electronic torture) devices at my heart and chest area. They are zapping my right foot as well. These selloutzzz are participating in war crimes, by the way. VERY ILLEGAL, by the way. I have come with much evidence on my blogs of what is going on so you all HAVE TO KNOW that I am being honest, I Am very well spoken, intelligent and of sound mind. I have been SET UP, POINT BLANK!

I am wondering when someone else, some other black person with some NUTS AND GUTS will choose to stand up along with me?? This has been going on for QUITE A LONG TIME NOW AND NO ONE THAT I HAVE GONE TO, MOSTLY MY SUPPOSED OWN PEOPLE, HAVE YET TO COME TO MY AIDE OR EVEN RESPOND TO MY PLEAS AND INQUIRIES!!! HAS THE ENTIRE BLACK RACE BECOME GUTLESS COWARDS?? Shameful and sad, if that is the case.


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