Jealous, Angry Psycho Nutzzz


The Electronic Torture nutzzz are at it again. They gave me most of the day off Saturday after harassing me and my eldest child late Friday afternoon by first removing, then throwing the cover to the electrical box at the bedroom window. Then proceeded to turn off the electricity to this particular apartment, this I am sure, was in angry response to a conversation they were evidently eavesdropping on, that obviously upset the spying listenerzzz:/ They must have felt guilty about something I was discussing with my daughter about dissexual people. HA HA! 

They felt “funny” about what they SHOULD NOT HAVE been illegally snooping on IN THE FIRST DAMNED PLACE!  They TURNED THE HEAT BACK UP, literally yesterday (the ET devices). I guess they were busy sucking down suds, smoking stracks (PCP), or just sucking each other, Saturday 😛 More than likely just trying to keep a low profile after their Friday afternoon temper tantrum, most likely, like the sneaky little snake maggots they have proven to be. Concerning me and my eldest child’s convo, I guess they——>

I guess that’s what makes them jealous, angry psycho ——>


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