The Black Race-The Living Dead

The picture above is a young Afurakaitnut (black) female in the tenaments in which I inhabit, unfortunately. She is strung out. Gone off something that has her consciousness seriously imbalanced and altered. A prime example of what most of the Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Black race) has become… Zombies.

I was sitting in the living room and was urged by my spirit to get up and look out the window. As you can see, there is a black male standing over to the left of the young black female, the only one who showed any concern for her. Maybe he’s her boyfriend or just a rare concerned being. I don’t know. She is evidently under the influence of some substance that has her incapacitated.

The Black Race-The Dead Roach In the Window:

I also recorded a video of this (link pasted above) where I observed two other black males that just passed on by as though this is a natural experience. Well, to an enslaved, abused , terrorized, brainwashed people, I suppose it is. These young males show no concern for the black female in the video. This is the same effeminized, dumbed down, cowardly, insensitive behavior that has been implanted in the black race, including first and foremost our males that encourages them to stand idly by as their women, children and entire race are being ravaged by genocide.

There was also an older black female in her fifties outside gossiping and running her mouth that was in the background who never once got up to check on the younger female. An old coon who is an alcoholic and a poisonous influence to the youth in the environment. This is sad and too representative of the state of the Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnit people, all over the diaspora.

Too many of the black race are under the influence of a debilitating and incapacitating demonic spirit and force that has been implanted in us by those who have forced their wills upon this race in order to dominate and control it.

Yes. That is a dead roach you see on the window sill. I didn’t realize that I had gotten it in the recording, until I looked at the video afterwards. After seeing it, I was thinking about using some editing tools to blank it out. Then, I thought about it. The dead roach is the perfect metaphor for what the video represents. This shit is real, so I’mma KEEP IT REAL!


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