The Black Race-The Living Dead

The picture above is a young Afurakaitnut (black) female in the tenaments in which I inhabit, unfortunately. She is strung out. Gone off something that has her consciousness seriously imbalanced and altered. A prime example of what most of the Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Black race) has become… Zombies.

I was sitting in the living room and was urged by my spirit to get up and look out the window. As you can see, there is a black male standing over to the left of the young black female, the only one who showed any concern for her. Maybe he’s her boyfriend or just a rare concerned being. I don’t know. She is evidently under the influence of some substance that has her incapacitated.

The Black Race-The Dead Roach In the Window:

I also recorded a video of this (link pasted above) where I observed two other black males that just passed on by as though this is a natural experience. Well, to an enslaved, abused , terrorized, brainwashed people, I suppose it is. These young males show no concern for the black female in the video. This is the same effeminized, dumbed down, cowardly, insensitive behavior that has been implanted in the black race, including first and foremost our males that encourages them to stand idly by as their women, children and entire race are being ravaged by genocide.

There was also an older black female in her fifties outside gossiping and running her mouth that was in the background who never once got up to check on the younger female. An old coon who is an alcoholic and a poisonous influence to the youth in the environment. This is sad and too representative of the state of the Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnit people, all over the diaspora.

Too many of the black race are under the influence of a debilitating and incapacitating demonic spirit and force that has been implanted in us by those who have forced their wills upon this race in order to dominate and control it.

Yes. That is a dead roach you see on the window sill. I didn’t realize that I had gotten it in the recording, until I looked at the video afterwards. After seeing it, I was thinking about using some editing tools to blank it out. Then, I thought about it. The dead roach is the perfect metaphor for what the video represents. This shit is real, so I’mma KEEP IT REAL!


Controlled Opposition. The Threat to True Black Freedom

Controlled Opposition. The Threat to True Black Freedom

With most things, there are usually a positive/good side and along with that, a bad or negative side. Tom Burell’s book “Brainwashed” is no exception. Therefore,with awareness must come discernment.

Tap on pictures in order to enlarge them and get clearer, readable pictures.


In both of the above screenshots, you will notice that ” Mr. Tom” speaks positively about artists such as Jay Z, Nas, and Kanye West, all of whom are well known tools being used to usher in “The New World Order”. One world order, dominated by white imperialism/neocolonialism and all the isms that one can stand. Why use these particular artists as examples of  “good role models” for young, impressionable children and teens, when they have proven to be otherwise?

I realize the book was written in 2010, but that is not that long ago and these artists were being revealed for what they actually were, even then at that time: covert and overt advertisements and representatives for white supremacy!  Leading young, black people right into the hands of their oppressors!! If this wasn’t obvious to him or anyone else, who may have been walking around with a sheet over their heads and blinders on their eyes five years ago, these “entertainerzzz” latest antics in 2014-2015, with the wearing of skirts and women’s heels should DEFINITELY be an eye opening red flag!

Jay Z wearing a skirt with the color pink in the back ground to evoke effeminate feelings in black males. Effeminized black males don’t fight for Black Liberation!
Kanye West with a skirt on as well. He and Jay Z were performing together in skirts, if I am not mistaken. In any case, you see as well as I, what is in front of us all.
Kanye matching his “not Black wife” (Interracial relationships are encouraged because they are another effeminization tactic used by white supremacists) with breasts revealing tops, short skirts and women’s boots…SAY WHAT ??
Mariah Carey posing with Nas in this Mk ultra pink azz jacket. Not naturally considered very manly but we must realize that we are in the middle of a BIG TIME dissexual agenda to encourage dysfunction and disorder in the dominating society.
Mariah Carey posing with Nas in this Mk ultra ‘pink punk’ azz jacket. Not naturally considered very manly but we must realize that we are in the middle of a BIG TIME dissexual agenda to encourage pacification, dysfunction and disorder in society.


Shhh. They are on board with the white imperialist/capitalists’ plans. They accept and they won’t tell.


Click on link below:


It is WELL KNOWN now, without doubt that all of these artists are well kept slaves of white domination and that they are used to usher in what will be THE EXTERMINATION of the “race darker than blue”, as Bro Del Jones, aka “the war correspondent” used to say referring to the African race. Bro Del, who was a REAL soldier on the front lines for Black liberation, FAITHFULLY exposed a lot of wrong in the industry and agendas against the Black race. Check out this site with his videos and books:


Also notice “Mr. Tom’s” response (above) to what he himself calls the BI (black inferiority) complex. Notice as he seems to make excuses for the white race’s twenty plus centuries of oppression and murder of the black race by saying that “the white race are victims of BI” too…sounds a bit “apologist” to me…ijs. To my knowledge, the black race has NOT SINGLED OUT, DOMINATED, OPPRESSED AND OUTRIGHT MURDERED the european race on a world wide scale since 640 A.D.! Let us not forget what a “victim” is, lest we fall for the bs of “the white man’s burden.”

I am not totally knocking the book. There is a lot of positive that can be taken from the book, but with that, are some things worth analyzing and questioning. As a people, the Black race MUST develop the ability to think critically, seriously and in an intelligible manner. There are a plenty of “misinformation agentzzz” out here who are being used by the white capitalistic, imperialistic system to lead the Black race right back into the nets of the oppressors that some are fighting tooth and nail to escape, while others who are searching for the beginnings of real answers to survival of a brutal system are being purposely misled by those using their knowledge and skills to manipulate and mind control “the race darker than blue”, for material gain, decadence and opulence, by the white capitalists and their black overseers, the black neo-coonzzz.


Please take note that ” Mr. Tom” says himself, that he has forty five years of experience in studying his people and knowing how the black race responds to negative and positive propaganda. He is for the most part an expert in knowing the minds, habits and ways of his people, what they like and don’t like, what they respond positively to as well as what conjours up negative feedback from his race. He has made a very comfortable living sharing that valuable knowledge with the companies and corporations that hired him to report this information to them so as to know what angles to come at the black race, for advantage and profit.

I am not accusing, but I AM telling black people to analyze, research and make themselves knowledgeable about themselves ( black man/woman, know thyself) and the world around them. In this way, they will be trained to recognize truth from deception, no matter what color, shade, creed, form, religion or race it may come in. 

The Black Race Sufferzzz From Stockholm Syndrome

The Black Race Sufferzzz From Stockholm Syndrome
  1. Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.

Though the blood of our kidnapped ancestors/ancestresses cry out from the grounds of this GOD forsakened land, the brainwashed apologists and neo-coonzzz STILL fight tooth and nail to save this GOD-DAMNED den of iniquity!

Jealous, Angry Psycho Nutzzz


The Electronic Torture nutzzz are at it again. They gave me most of the day off Saturday after harassing me and my eldest child late Friday afternoon by first removing, then throwing the cover to the electrical box at the bedroom window. Then proceeded to turn off the electricity to this particular apartment, this I am sure, was in angry response to a conversation they were evidently eavesdropping on, that obviously upset the spying listenerzzz:/ They must have felt guilty about something I was discussing with my daughter about dissexual people. HA HA! 

They felt “funny” about what they SHOULD NOT HAVE been illegally snooping on IN THE FIRST DAMNED PLACE!  They TURNED THE HEAT BACK UP, literally yesterday (the ET devices). I guess they were busy sucking down suds, smoking stracks (PCP), or just sucking each other, Saturday 😛 More than likely just trying to keep a low profile after their Friday afternoon temper tantrum, most likely, like the sneaky little snake maggots they have proven to be. Concerning me and my eldest child’s convo, I guess they——>

I guess that’s what makes them jealous, angry psycho ——>

The Electronic Torture, Gangstalking and Harassment Continues

The Electronic Torture, Gangstalking and Harassment Continues


The “gang” doesn’t like the fact that I Am exposing their illegal, treacherous and downright murderous acts. I just finished my first meal of the day a few minutes ago. While I was eating, they aimed their ‘electronic torture’ device at my heart area. They are also using them on me now during and after my meal to cause, indigestion, stomach upset, and digestive problems. They are slowly trying to kill me for my courage in standing up for my people, my race and against injustice.

 download (1)

Mind you, my brainwashed, spiritually corrupted neighbors are involved too so the “zaps” could be coming from them or law enforcement vehicles roaming the area with equipment that is created to hit targets from a distance as well as military planes and helicopters overhead and satellites. These monsters are experts at warfare and are years ahead of the public with this knowledge, especially the oppressed black race.

They are aiming it at my feet and legs now causing tingling and itching sensations and yesterday they had it aimed at my back causing discomfort and moderate pain. They moved it back to my chest area causing pressure now. I am reporting this because I want the public to know what kind of country we REALLY live in. Amerikkka is operated by terrorists corporations that rule the government, military, and law enforcement in this country.

The secret societies such as the boule, black Freemasons and freemasonry in general, secret cults, all of them into the occult, sorcery and witchcraft are protecting these wicked entities and they also are incorporating the help of released prisoners and other criminals who they bribe and offer favors to, to participate in the gangstalking activities and to protect these murderous people at the top; the elitist who run the corporations who employ the government, law enforcement and military to shut people like myself down.


Let me reveal this: the black Freemasons wanted me to be “down with the crew” but I was warned of their deceptions and they were revealed to me for what they were up to and who they truly are, so I refused them. They disguise themselves with other names, pretending to be leaders and organizations created to help and advance the black communities and race but behind the masks they are black masons and government agents used to direct innocent, naive black people back into the vice grips of white domination and capitalism on this prison planet. I’ve been having problems ever since I refused to join them. Problems that have increased over the years. I just heard someone stomping around upstairs responding to my blogging about these atrocities. They are spying on me and was put upstairs to watch me and terrorize me. They just moved one of the heavier devices around that they push around as I move from room to room as a way of letting me know they are watching me and it is also a bullying tactic.

My spiritually aware or just normal black inhabitants that are just trying to live a normal life in an abnormal world. BE CAREFUL OUT HERE!! All black people aren’t soul people. Some of them are soullesss black krakkkazzz who will KILL YOU with NO QUALMS OR CONCERN. THEY LOVE OUR ENEMIES AND THE MATERIAL GAINS AND FALSE PROMISES OF THE DEVILZZZ and some of them are just cowards and or lazy and too afraid and fearful to say or do anything about the situation.

I guess the puppets upstairs were directed to aim the ET (electronic torture) devices at my heart and chest area. They are zapping my right foot as well. These selloutzzz are participating in war crimes, by the way. VERY ILLEGAL, by the way. I have come with much evidence on my blogs of what is going on so you all HAVE TO KNOW that I am being honest, I Am very well spoken, intelligent and of sound mind. I have been SET UP, POINT BLANK!

I am wondering when someone else, some other black person with some NUTS AND GUTS will choose to stand up along with me?? This has been going on for QUITE A LONG TIME NOW AND NO ONE THAT I HAVE GONE TO, MOSTLY MY SUPPOSED OWN PEOPLE, HAVE YET TO COME TO MY AIDE OR EVEN RESPOND TO MY PLEAS AND INQUIRIES!!! HAS THE ENTIRE BLACK RACE BECOME GUTLESS COWARDS?? Shameful and sad, if that is the case.

More HAARP Pictures

You can see that the sun is out but this unusually large amount of dark clouds keep coming along covering it. This is NOT normal cloud activity. Unless it is about to rain, clouds ARE NOT supposed to be that thick and dark! Yet, that is the status quo around these parts and I know this same thing is going on in other urban areas that black people most often inhabit. 

I have more pictures but ALL OF A SUDDEN the blog picture uploader won’t start up….hmmmm…I wonder why???

OK my people. The uploader is “working” now…:/

Excuse the bird poo. The window is stuck shut and we haven’t been able to get the management to fix the issue neither have we been able to get it opened. This place is basically a prison.

Notice, the weather forecast above says 0 percent chance of rain today, so WHERE IN THE HELL are all of these DARK AZZ CLOUDS coming from???


Read my blog that I posted yesterday, April 6, 2015: “Energy, How It Affects Melanin (The Black Race) and the “Hidden” Agenda to Distort and Cut Off The Black Races Energy Sources (Melanin)” for more details about this subject and tap the link in the blog for information on HAARP and artificial cloud formations and chem trails.