More HAARP Pictures

You can see that the sun is out but this unusually large amount of dark clouds keep coming along covering it. This is NOT normal cloud activity. Unless it is about to rain, clouds ARE NOT supposed to be that thick and dark! Yet, that is the status quo around these parts and I know this same thing is going on in other urban areas that black people most often inhabit. 

I have more pictures but ALL OF A SUDDEN the blog picture uploader won’t start up….hmmmm…I wonder why???

OK my people. The uploader is “working” now…:/

Excuse the bird poo. The window is stuck shut and we haven’t been able to get the management to fix the issue neither have we been able to get it opened. This place is basically a prison.

Notice, the weather forecast above says 0 percent chance of rain today, so WHERE IN THE HELL are all of these DARK AZZ CLOUDS coming from???


Read my blog that I posted yesterday, April 6, 2015: “Energy, How It Affects Melanin (The Black Race) and the “Hidden” Agenda to Distort and Cut Off The Black Races Energy Sources (Melanin)” for more details about this subject and tap the link in the blog for information on HAARP and artificial cloud formations and chem trails.





Reblogging a Blogger Post: Wifi Detects the Spies

Reblogging a Blogger Post: Wifi Detects the Spies

In a recent blog post, (The Government, Paid Informants and Covert Murder Tactics) I stated that I have a paid snitch who lives in the apartment above me, planted there to watch and harass me, and that I AM being spied on by local law enforcement and the government. Well, I have had the proof all along but never thought to blog it until now. This is what I picked up on my WiFi today, and actually, I picked up this same vans connection over a year ago, but like I said, never thought to put it online until now. The proof of what I have been saying to you and others about the corruption going on against the Black awakened and conscious community:


I am always sitting at the park when I pick this signal up. There are always police cars sitting in far off corners of the parking lot across the street from the park when I go there too, as though they are staking out, anticipating “someone’s” arrival. They will just sit there for long, extended periods of time, for some odd reason. I also think they are spying on the public WiFi system to see what people are doing online (the WECAN handle you see in the pix is the name of the public access WiFi that I am speaking of). Invading people’s privacy and rights, trying to see if there are any conscious, awakened black people in the area, or any other ones besides the ones they already know about (points at self).

These photo shots CLEARLY say : FBI SURVEILLANCE VAN #198. I picked this same WiFi handle up on an older touch screenphone I had before I upgraded to my recent phone. I picked this same handle up on my newer touchscreen today. Six shots of proof for anyone who doubted or may have been bumping dey gumz on some negativity and falsehood not wanting to hear or face the truth. Now whether you care, is a whole other sack of worms…