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Repatriation-It’s Time



Our people want US back! This is a GREAT opportunity for African Americans and Africans throughout the Diaspora to connect and heal our rifts, mental/spiritual/physical health issues and divisions caused by 500 plus years of slavery and oppression (The MAAFA/The Black Holocaust). 


The way for this to work efficiently and appropriately is for our wealthy, well off black peoples in this land, Amerikkka, to realize the opportunity being opened here for them to contribute to the welfare of their people (the black race), reach back to the less fortunate of their race, put their money and resources where their mouths are (take risks, be willing to let massa and his oppressive, unfair system go and stop hoarding, the symptoms of slave mentality and fear) and support (sponsor) those of US that would JUMP at the opportunity to have dual citizenship here and in our Motherland, Africa, but unfortunately lack the means to do so. Giving all willing and involved the chance to rebuild our lives, relationships and an EFFICIENT, STRONG, HEALTHY BLACK NATION.

Of course their are plans to be made and things to be worked out and put in order, nevertheless, THIS IS A GREAT IDEA and I personally WOULD LOVE TO BE SPONSORED and APPRECIATIVE of such a possibility. 


We must take note that this is not meant to be white capitalism/colonialism/neocolonialism with black faces attached!!! This SHOULD BE A GENUINE EVENT in the lives, progress and survival of a race of people AT RISK FOR EXTINCTION, IF WE DON’T GET OUR PRIORITIES ALIGNED!! 


This is a crossroads in our lives where WE MUST take the appropriate steps to insure our future generations chances at existence itself! Think about it MY PEOPLE AND TRULY CONSIDER WHAT ALL OF THIS CAN LEAD TO. INVEST IN YOUR PEOPLE or RISK EXTINCTION!!! Which one sounds like the wise choice to you?

Covert Criminals

Covert Criminals

Monster Mask

COINTELPRO STILL EXIST. There are supposed Black/Afrikan centered organizations and groups that are headed by and infiltrated by “leaders” and their right hand “ace boon ‘coons'” who are spreading misinformation and misleading handfuls of naive, well intentioned, misguided black people who are looking for a leader to direct them and provide guidance, hope and possibly protection.

Golden handcuffs
Golden handcuffs

Unbeknownst to these often young to middle aged black followers, there “trusted”, self-appointed leaders are bribable, paid off goons who are being used by law enforcement to spy on the activities of these groups and report back to these law enforcement officials.

108412-secret-meeting Members of the Boko Haram splinter group attend a media conference in Maiduguri

These leaders and there specifically chosen, bribable, well informed second in commands of what is going on underlings, are also being paid off to participate in lying, misleading and even harassing, others who ” won’t get down” with the crew. They are also a part of secret societies and cults that hide their criminal acts and evil deeds and will descredit and ruin the reputations of those who refuse to participate.


I personally know people who have and are still being affected and tortured by these ‘packs of wolves’ who are working against their own people for material and financial gains.

These people are evil and heartless, pretending to be people of higher consciousness and all for freeing black people from oppression. They come off as being leaders, master teachers, etc., who only run rings around their unquestioning followers with charasmatic words and repetitive, over done speeches but NEVER coming up with solutions! They are nothing but black power hustlers who practice car salesman bullshyt! They secretly are working against the black race for the oppressors. These people are evil and dangerous.

Aftermath of wolf pack attack
Aftermath of wolf pack attack

My black family, PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT HERE with these groups that claim to be African/Afrikan/Black centered because some of them are fronts for criminal activities, predators and genocidal maniacs who DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT BLACK LIFE!!!! ASHE

How Many Times (Plight of the Broken Ones)

How many times shall I hold my own hand? Shall I pat my own back? Shall I wipe my own tears? Shall I say a solo prayer? Shall I hear my own thoughts? Shall I share my own fears? Tell me, how many times will I heal my own heart? Will I overcome my constant struggles? Will I stare back at my own self? Will I walk this path alone?