More HAARP Pictures

You can see that the sun is out but this unusually large amount of dark clouds keep coming along covering it. This is NOT normal cloud activity. Unless it is about to rain, clouds ARE NOT supposed to be that thick and dark! Yet, that is the status quo around these parts and I know this same thing is going on in other urban areas that black people most often inhabit. 

I have more pictures but ALL OF A SUDDEN the blog picture uploader won’t start up….hmmmm…I wonder why???

OK my people. The uploader is “working” now…:/

Excuse the bird poo. The window is stuck shut and we haven’t been able to get the management to fix the issue neither have we been able to get it opened. This place is basically a prison.

Notice, the weather forecast above says 0 percent chance of rain today, so WHERE IN THE HELL are all of these DARK AZZ CLOUDS coming from???


Read my blog that I posted yesterday, April 6, 2015: “Energy, How It Affects Melanin (The Black Race) and the “Hidden” Agenda to Distort and Cut Off The Black Races Energy Sources (Melanin)” for more details about this subject and tap the link in the blog for information on HAARP and artificial cloud formations and chem trails.





Covert Criminals

Covert Criminals

Monster Mask

COINTELPRO STILL EXIST. There are supposed Black/Afrikan centered organizations and groups that are headed by and infiltrated by “leaders” and their right hand “ace boon ‘coons'” who are spreading misinformation and misleading handfuls of naive, well intentioned, misguided black people who are looking for a leader to direct them and provide guidance, hope and possibly protection.

Golden handcuffs
Golden handcuffs

Unbeknownst to these often young to middle aged black followers, there “trusted”, self-appointed leaders are bribable, paid off goons who are being used by law enforcement to spy on the activities of these groups and report back to these law enforcement officials.

108412-secret-meeting Members of the Boko Haram splinter group attend a media conference in Maiduguri

These leaders and there specifically chosen, bribable, well informed second in commands of what is going on underlings, are also being paid off to participate in lying, misleading and even harassing, others who ” won’t get down” with the crew. They are also a part of secret societies and cults that hide their criminal acts and evil deeds and will descredit and ruin the reputations of those who refuse to participate.


I personally know people who have and are still being affected and tortured by these ‘packs of wolves’ who are working against their own people for material and financial gains.

These people are evil and heartless, pretending to be people of higher consciousness and all for freeing black people from oppression. They come off as being leaders, master teachers, etc., who only run rings around their unquestioning followers with charasmatic words and repetitive, over done speeches but NEVER coming up with solutions! They are nothing but black power hustlers who practice car salesman bullshyt! They secretly are working against the black race for the oppressors. These people are evil and dangerous.

Aftermath of wolf pack attack
Aftermath of wolf pack attack

My black family, PLEASE BE CAREFUL OUT HERE with these groups that claim to be African/Afrikan/Black centered because some of them are fronts for criminal activities, predators and genocidal maniacs who DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT BLACK LIFE!!!! ASHE